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TRI-Construction, INC

General Construction

Encompasses all aspects of bringing a building from conception to fruition with complete oversight and management of the job site.

Construction Management

Project planning and coordination

Set and exceed performance requirements

Accurate estimating to promote manageable project cost

Disciplined control of project site

Skillful project budgeting

Select skilled project participants

TRI-Construction, INC

General Contracting

Manage personnel on site

Securing all building permits

Monitor schedules and cash flow

Gather and maintain accurate records

Extensive quality control and project safety measures to ensure efficiency

Framing and Drywall

Drywall install and repair

Provide a cleanly work-space and cleanup upon project completion

Project proficiency to meet deadlines

Finish Carpentry


Toilet partitions

Doors and hardware

Tenant Improvement

Improving tenant spaces by customized alterations that ensure spaces are efficiently utilized.

Our Partnership

It is not the way that we have built buildings that distinguishes our company; it is the manner in which we have constructed our partnerships that has humbly developed TRI‑Construction as a valued industry partner that perpetuates community development through construction projects.