History & Values


TRI-Construction is a minority owned general contracting firm established in 2001. The company rapidly developed over the past seventeen years from a property maintenance company, to residential construction, and now operates as a commercial general contracting construction firm. Leading the way as one of the largest minority firms in Minnesota with extensive commercial and residential experience to contribute to the construction industry.


In 2001, Lester Royal and Calvin Littlejohn packed all tools and equipment that they owned and threw it in the back of their silver pickup truck and started out on their journey to build their own construction company – TRI-Construction. As a minority owned and operated firm Lester and Calvin recognized the importance and value of the participation of small and underutilized businesses, people of color, women and other targeted members of the community. With this is mind Lester and Calvin established TRI-Construction mission of Community, Construction and Development.


Located in the heart of North Minneapolis and aligned with the company mission, TRI-Construction is deeply rooted and committed to the community and the people who live and work there. With a very intentional focus on TRI-Construction’s core values of People, Partnerships and Projects the company will continue to develop long-term community-based relationships in efforts to cultivate community development, provide employment and resources to people in the community.

TRI-Construction, INC

Lester Royal — COO

TRI-Construction, INC
TRI-Construction, INC

Calvin Littlejohn — CEO