Jie Lee

Project Engineer

Contact Jie | 612.368-2635

Jie graduated with a double degree in physics and construction management from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. After graduation, his plan to set off as a project manager role began when Tri-Construction hired him as a project engineer to work on various commercial projects in partnership with Watson-Forsberg to experience and learn the technical processes, the business operations, and the working relationships in the construction industry.

He is currently assigned a project manager role on an interior buildout project for the NDC Training Center, undertaking the role as a leader aspiring to become a great communicator.

Quoting Jie, “I am simply grateful for the opportunity that Tri-Construction and Watson-Forsberg has given me. I do not know if luck has played a part, but I know opportunities are limitless as long as you work towards your end goal and have a great team that supports you.”



Notable Projects:

Penn Ave Union, Minneapolis

Park 7 Apartments, Minneapolis

Frogtown Crossroad, St. Paul

NDC Training Center, St. Paul

TRI-Construction is a minority owned general construction company established in 2001. Located in the heart of north Minneapolis, TRI-Construction is deeply rooted in the community and is very passionate about the people who live and work here.